Why All Families Will Love Jekyll Island


This post is created in partnership with the Jekyll Island Authority. All words below this are my own!

I’m the “memory maker” in our family. When my children someday look back on their childhood, I want their stories to be filled with adventure, laughter, love, and a wide variety of experiences. I want them to feel good as they remember these experiences.

Before having kids, John and I spoke about traveling with our children as much as possible. We have held to that commitment as much as our schedules allow. During each trip we make, I take photos like a madwoman, even managing to get into a shot or two myself. Afterwards, John always looks over the images, smiles and thanks me for capturing the memories.

I will be posting a recap (with photo memories) of our long weekend away at Jekyll Island shortly. Quickie recap: We loved it. We stayed at the Holiday Inn Resort, it’s a cute beachy hotel for families. We learned a lot, ate a lot lol and can’t wait to go back to the island for more fun family time.

But before the recap post, I really wanted to share how awesome this little island is! Ok…I kinda want to convince you to take a trip there too. It’s just so cute/quaint but with all kinds of hidden activity goin’ on. I hadn’t heard of Jekyll Island until I saw a blogger friend’s recap of the island. I stored it away as a “someday I’ll”…turns out someday was last weekend!

If you are a nature lover, just stop what you’re doing now and go to Jekyll Island. I don’t consider myself “outdoorsy” but I do love being in nature. We got a full dose of what mother nature has to offer in our few days there.

The island accommodates the taste of everyone in the family. The question is…Who are you? What are you into? Jekyll’s got something for ya:

If you’re into greenery

You can take the most beautiful hikes through lush maritime forest. There are so many different types of flora on Jekyll Island. My favorite was the live oak, with this moody Spanish moss hanging from it. You walk under the canopy and feel like you’re being transported to some whimsical fairy wonderland in a movie.

If you’re an animal lover

You must take a trip to the Georgia Sea Turtle Center to learn about how they are helping these beautiful creatures. You get to see them up close and speak to the staff and volunteers who care for the animals each day. The park rangers take care of the wildlife on the island including alligators and bald eagles! Birdwatching is great on the island. We spotted so many beautiful birds during our stay.

If you’re into the water

You can take a boat out for the day and enjoy fishing with friends. You also can do very cool dolphin watching tours. The beaches are gorgeous. Driftwood Beach is a must visit spot. It is literally a happy accident…you’ll see. Glory Beach is wide and gorgeous. Oh and there is a water park! It opens in May so we’re going to have to go back to try it out.

If you’re into sports/fitness

Golf abounds. Regular or miniature. (We opted for mini) You can play tennis, do yoga on the beach while listening to the waves. The whole island is a biker’s dream. Felt like there was bike rental at every hotel and attraction we visited. There are fitness centers in the hotels for those keeping up a workout routine as well. Walking and running are easy, whether you do it on the 20+ miles of nature trails or through the quaint beach village or historic area.

If you’re a history buff

The Historic District is a real treat. Jekyll Island is among the Golden Isles, a group of islands with rich history and rich with African American history as well. There is a lovely walking tour, and trolley tour available. We didn’t do it due to rain, but we did get to see Rockefeller’s cottage. We felt like 4 million dollars richer just by breathing the air around it. We did see the phone where the first transcontinental call ever was made. Kinda cool! I want to learn more history of the area on my next visit.

If you’re lazy… ::raises hand sheepishly::

There are pools at the many resorts/hotels for you to laze by with your kindle and a drink. Beds in the resorts are cozy and wifi abounds for websurfing from a couch in a pretty lobby. Our hotel had a fire pit that overlooked the ocean. It was perfect for chillaxing between dinnertime and bedtime for the kids.

I was honestly surprised at how much there was to do. John and I are already planning for a return visit (without kids this time). Families of all kinds will have a fun vacation Springtime is really nice there, and I know summer will be even better.

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