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The last time I chose an SUV, I didn’t read any specs, I knew what I didn’t find attractive and I figured they were all gas guzzlers so what difference would it make? I just knew that I wanted three rows of seats, they needed to be leather and a decent height from the ground. I also only wanted black, grey or white … As it turned out, my new chariot was black, but not any black … it sparkled in sunlight – and so I named it Edward.

Last Thursday morning, I headed off to the Miami International Auto Show as a total car information newbie aka – clueless. I sat in a brand new Suburban – all of the bells and whistles, with a wifi hotspot, AppleCarPlay that is compatible with Chevy’s new MyLink allowing you to have your apps, your mail, your texts right there on the 8 inch diagonal screen so that social media is a cinch without ever compromising your safety. Granted, it is a big car for a family of three girls … but I could totally justify a Bernese, a Retriever and an additional furball or two to fill up all of the unused seats! This was my introduction to the latest technology, major safety aspects and some kick*ss sassy vehicles as a #ChevyPlayMiami Ambassador, and I was kind of smitten. Also, if we don’t find a house soon, we would have somewhere to sleep.

For anyone who thinks that meandering around a car show is just looking at cars – think again because I had no idea what I was about to encounter when we arrived back on Friday for our private tour and insider track on all that is cutting edge in the auto market. There was art. Yes, car art as in amazing models of cars that have been transformed by world-famous urban artists and they are incredible. You can test drive several of the vehicles instead of just looking at them, or you can be brave like my dear friend Paula. (just up there in the pic with the fabulous Suburban) of BigGreenPen She took the rough and tumble tour of steep inclines and craziness of Camp Jeep. Thank goodness we sampled a couple of Miami styled cocktails ahead of time when we had a wonderful Portuguese styled lunch with her delightful son – because eesh! They also had my favorite kind of topless with sexy, sporty models. Autos that is, in case you were wondering and they even had a trip down Memory Lane of vintage beauties. The old Chevrolet ad kept on running thro my head – the South African version being … ‘braaivleis, rugby, sunny skies and Chevrolet!’ – translates to bbq, football, and well, the rest.

Who knew that a car show could be so much fun, and with Lincoln Road just one block from the convention center – we had every kind of cuisine at our fingertips. HUGE shout out to @SheBuysCars for the opportunity, and to #ChevyPlayMiami and #ILikeThatCar .. are you kidding, I think I loved too many of them. What a fun experience, I met wonderful media folks, made great connections, had a blast and was even compensated for being there – what a win!


Til next year … but I have to tell you, I think I may be a car girl now and already have a list of favorites, armed with information and an expiring lease. Btw, I cannot believe how much I gleaned on safety features. Chevrolet rocks when it comes to teen safety with one of the features being that it does not allow the radio to be turned on until the seatbelt is buckled. Sounds like a great idea with the music-obsessed girls I have. Am I the only mom who turns off the music the minute I am alone on the vehicle? No? Just me? #colormeold


Nicole Morgan
Nicole Morgan

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