What is in a name?

Me: You guys all say such funny things, or crazy, inappropriate things, or sometimes things that make me a little sad. Them: Why sad? Me: You grew up too fast, you used to be these cute little things. Them: What, now we’re not cute? Me: Funny … just sorry I didn’t start writing these things you guys say years back, and now I’m not sure how to add ‘the littles’ into the mix … they are not Morgans, so now the whole Morganism is not going to work. Them: We don’t want to be Morgans, how about we choose something else?
Me: sigh.
But as per yesterdays convo, Me: Remember the chat last week about the alligator hunters?

(so it went like this)
Little 1: We are watching this show, and these guys are all shooting up alligators and they are called alligator hunters. Me: I thought the deal was one show and you were allowed to watch Discovery Channel or National Geographic? Little 1: We were, but this was on and these guys shot 6 alligators. Me: So they are a family show like Duck Dynasty? Little 1: Yeah, but more redneck than that. Me: So they shot 6 alligators and that is legal? Little 1: I don’t know, but one of them was tagged. Me: You mean like protected? Little 1: Yeah, bet there is one pissed off scientist out there now …
And a sideways smirk to see if she would get away with it … #themouthsofbabes

So – maybe Golden Morganisms?
What about Golden Moments?
What does that have to do with Morganisms? And also, it sounds dirty.
You have been Morganisms for so long now. Morganisms is a play on words from organisms.
It is?
Yes. What did you think it was a play on?
Well, a little different. Like a burst.
Cue laughter.
A burst of joy.
Cue more laughter.
A moment of happiness.

There is no bringing them back from this tangent.
Teens. Sigh.

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