Homeschool testing

Testing in homeschooling, as in how to test a homeschooler … is not to be confused with – how to test a homeschool Mom.

Testing a homeschool Mom is easy, just sit in a chair and be staring out of the window every single time she looks over. You could also lie on the sofa and pretend to read your book for an hour. How about you write an essay and don’t include one single descriptive word throughout 5 paragraphs. Or punctuation. Did you want punctuation in this?

Husbands test homeschool Moms too. So what did you do all day? Do you really think this is working? See, you had another great day (please say this last sentence with a very sarcastic tone or the mood will be lost) When you walk into the kitchen and see that your wife has already opened a bottle of wine, be grateful that you still have living, breathing children. Now is not a good time to ask if she paid bills, made appointments or ironed your shirts.

Extended families get in on it too. Do you really think it’s the right thing? How will they ever cope in the real world? And strangers, bless their hearts with their, ‘shouldn’t you be in school?’ and ‘are you a qualified teacher?’ questions.

But testing is not as important as learning … and your child learns every single day. From each and everything that they do, and quite often, from each and everything you do. It was once said that your children will repeat back word for word every single thing you should not have said, and usually at the most inopportune moment. Somedays in my house, the teaching would not go as well as I would have liked, and there were moments that I would have loved to take back. Frustrated, and aggravated, running out of patience – when you need to take a moment, but it does not seem like there is a moment to be had. We all know it is impossible to pee alone as a mom, and to this day my own mother rarely gets a moment (sorry mom) … but you need to breathe, you need to remind yourself of the good things … and if you have to hide in the bathroom with your phone and play three rounds of Candy Crush – then so be it. We too have survival instincts and our parents should remain grateful – after all, they say being a grandparent is life’s reward for not eating your young.  What do you do to regroup?

Nicole Morgan
Nicole Morgan

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