Simple Giving

I once read that in order to be the best that you can be, you should surround yourself with those whose qualities you most admire. People who inspire you to reach out and explore outside of your comfort zone. People who support and encourage your endeavors, and cheer you on when the going gets tough. People who can be both a voice of reason and a voice of reckoning when you need to be held accountable. You may find yourself lucky enough to find all of those qualities between several of your friends – or you may hit the jackpot and find each and every one of them in just one person. Today I would like to introduce you to one such person, a talented writer, a dear friend – and with a book hitting the shelves as we share these words – a newly published author. It gives me great pleasure to welcome Jennifer Iacovelli, author of ‘Simple Giving.’


Jenn of Another Jennifer and Writing Lab is a true sister of TheSistershood – in the last few years we have navigated single parenthood together while swapping stories of my two girls vs her two boys as we try to find our new normal. She is strong in faith, loyal to a fault and pushes her body to the limit with her dedication to strength training – this girl can swing a tire iron, wield a sledgehammer and lift cinder blocks as tho they are legos. We amuse ourselves with tales on the perils of dating where in ME men have photos of beards, parkas and ice fishing while the FL fare leans to the half nekkid, on a boat holding a fish variety. We share late night phone calls, and virtual wine to toast to our future, but we also come together to make a difference in the world of social good. Giving of our time to help raise awareness is what brought us together in the first place as we have shared experiences at The Social Good Summit and also the AYA team of Girls and Women thro ONE. Jenn being the overachiever that she is, took her endeavors one step further and wrote a book with 40 ideas to make your world a better place and explains the difference between philanthropy and charity.

Most people believe that in order to be a philanthropist, one needs deep pockets, grandiose ideas and the ability to set up scholarships, trust funds and be the forerunner of large charity events or the benefactor of huge monetary donations. The truth is that it boils down to making sustainable actions that have a positive impact on a person, place or thing as the saying goes. Jenn takes all of the guess work out by providing 6 different models that provide you with a plan to find the right way to incorporate giving into your home. She advocates for involving your family and instilling the desire in your children to be aware of the needs of others and making a difference. There are delightful anecdotes about her children’s giving, and stories of her own giving journey both at home and abroad. She shares the giving models of others who have since become her friends and notes simple calls to action and wonderful resources – Jenn is all about ‘making it happen.’

She blesses me with her friendship – and she blesses people around the globe with her heart. Please take a moment and say HI and also be sure to order a copy of Simple Giving – right here!  Jenn is wickedly cool, and not only is she kick*ss awesome .. but she probably could kick your *ss with her amazing Wolfpack Workouts.

Hugs and kisses as always.

Nicole Morgan
Nicole Morgan

Mom, Homeschooler, Marketer, Writer, Wine drinker, Friend. Saved by Social Good, the grace of God … and Blogging.