Should You Snoop on Your Kids?

Do you snoop on your child? I mean do you read their texts and emails, installing apps, GPS tracking devices or anything else that modern technology allows us to do? Do you ever ask yourself whether or not you should snoop? Many parents ask themselves this very question.

So, why do parents who snoop choose to snoop?

Kids aren’t always quick to confide in their parents when it comes to their personal troubles. As parents, this can be frustrating and concerning and we feel like we don’t have control of the situation.

What if they were being bullied?

Are they drinking or doing drugs?

Are they having sex with the boyfriend you hate?

Are they sexting?

You want to know what’s going on with your kids, but you also don’t want to be the parent that is lurking around the bushes while their kid is on a date. So, how do you find the balance? Are there situations where snooping is OK?

Before you open that diary or break the lock on their bedroom door, watch this video!

As a parent, I get the struggle – but before you snoop, take a breath and ask yourself the questions from the video. If your child is in real danger, then by all means snoop away, but if they aren’t, you may want to think about the ramifications if they find out that you did.

Deborah Gilboa
Deborah Gilboa

Parenting expert, Family Physician, international speaker, author, media expert, and mom of four boys.