Rainy with a chance of flowers

Sitting in front of a computer screen on a rainy day will give you one of two things: severe writers block or a chance of flowers. Today, it has afforded both; leaving me a bit gloomy with the notion of having no success in trying to pull words out of thin air, yet offering a sign of hope as I gaze upon the flowers set before me. Flowers make me happy, no matter what, so I will focus on the positive that words will make their way to the page somehow.

I have been thinking long and hard about an email that I received. In it it asked a simple question:


Has my voice become diluted trying to satisfy work commitments over the reason I started blogging in the first place- to have a place to tell a story? I searched through my archives and noticed that I havent really written for me lately. Let me clarify- I have written recipe posts and told tales here and there of travels, but the last time I let the muse out was in May. I wrote a quick post wishing all a Happy Mothers Day. That was MAY. Notice anything in common with that post?

Yep, flowers.

The muse is still inside, patiently waiting. She is letting ideas, thoughts, and words swirl about until something begins to weave together to form a sentence, then another and then another until a story unfolds. I miss her and wish she would visit more frequently. I guess what holds true with any relationship, is knowing the two-way street of give and take is whats needed to thrive and grow. I want the muse to come around more often, but it is I who needs to open up and welcome her with arms wide- to allow time to sit and just be, instead of worrying about the hustle and bustle. She is already here, meeting me half way.

And offering flowers.

Kelly Pugliano
Kelly Pugliano

Owner and President of Eat Picks, which oversees the food site Eat Picks filled with food photography and recipes, and owner of a subscription gift box service called Roost Crate.