Put the blue in muffin

I used to make blueberry muffins from scratch for breakfast all of the time. The Four Seasons hotel chain has a recipe that is just so good, it was my go-to for the longest time. But to be honest, it took such an age to follow through and complete and was always a mess, so it turned out that on my very busy mornings, I simply never made them. So let’s face it, back me up here – the box mix is so much easier.

So over time, I have resigned myself to going the route of box mix blueberry muffins. My kids simply refer to them as “your ten outta ten muffins.” So if they love them so much, and rank them 10 out of 10, why would I go back to making them from scratch? I’m not a masochist. Really. I am usually all about scratch cooking but we have a billion children that love muffins and on a busy morning these are easier.

That being said, if you’re going to make box-mix muffins, here’s how to make them SO MUCH BETTER.

(1) Get a good quality boxed mix. I use the kind with the streusel on top and canned blueberries.

(2) Instead of draining the blueberry juice from the can and tossing it (the horror!), strain it directly into your measuring cup. Then add a tiny bit of water to equal the water needed. So it’s mostly blueberry juice instead of water. This means your blueberries bake up purple and taste a lot more like blueberries. #yum

(3) Now you need to add a huge handful of frozen wild blueberries to this mix so there are huge big juicy blueberries bursting out of each muffin.

(4) Also be sure to add a tiny bit of cinnamon and oats or chopped pecans to the streusel topping that comes with the mix, which is really basically just sugar and flour and needs to be jazzed up.

Now you just go ahead and bake them and then feed them to your waiting children and they really won’t care if they came from a box. I promise you.  Trust me on this.

Amanda Hill
Amanda Hill

Lawyer, writer, mother, and lover of funny things. Believes in hope above all else, light over darkness, good strong coffee, and a solid Burberry jacket.