Packing Up

Among the top 5 most stressful life events are divorce and moving. So I’ve always ambitious. Why not take them both on?

It took the greater part of my weekend to pack up my house. More than daunting! I found the process to be exhausting both physically and emotionally. My big old house has two steep staircases and way too many mementos from the past. Luckily I took good advantage of help, beer breaks, walks with my dog, and loud music.

At the same time, I found the weekend freeing. I was embarking on a new beginning. The act of organizing, purging, deciding what I wanted to take with me to my next home.

It was also the first weekend without my kids for a very long time. Weird, but I could get so much more done.

I am aware of all the good that is around me in my life. As much as the process of divorce sucks, there is also a light at the end of the tunnel. I may not be there yet, but I see it. I feel it. It’s hard to explain, but those that have gone through it know. They know because they’ve shared with me. In the background, through messages, on the street. They share their story.

And there are those that don’t know, but choose to support. They may or may not know the whole story, and it doesn’t matter. They are there.

I am strong and happy right now because of the good that is around me. Because of the good that continues to happen to me. Because I embrace life and continue on the path that I choose.

The happy is there. It has been there from the beginning. And when I need an extra reminder, it comes in various forms. It comes from friends who drop everything and drive two hours with wine and chocolate and books for the boys in hand. It comes from private messages, public comments and hours long phone calls. It comes from impromptu trips to the beach, picnics at state parks, and no judgment secret Facebook groups. It comes from true friends, some I haven’t heard from in years, that continue to check in and offer help. It comes from future travel plans and dancing at the dinner table. It comes from extremely patient real estate agents and strong female entrepreneurial friends. It comes from late night distractions and a bit of mischief.

Boats help too.


So while my mind might be all over the place, I have a plan. I am focused. Maybe I’ll even finish packing before I have to move out of my big old house. Maybe.

Wake me up when it’s all over.

Jennifer Iacovelli
Jennifer Iacovelli

Jennifer Iacovelli is an author, blogger and the director of development for Tedford Housing. Based in Brunswick, Maine, she’s a proud single mom of two boys and one Siberian husky