One Hundred Foot Journey

I love movies.
Preview movies are a definite perk of being considered a journalist – Heaven on Earth.
Park your car, usher yourself in and grab your popcorn (lots of butter … shhh)
Take your specially saved seat and you wait for the opening credits. Ok, in this case, side by side with my dear friend Zoe, we took lots of cr*p from people who objected to the fact that we were in cordoned off seats, with comments like ‘seriously, THEY are press?’ And some guy called Barry, who brought six of his closest friends in spite of the press invite saying Plus 1 ONLY. Barry … Really? Btw , my children, who were not allowed to attend because of that +1 … also say Barry … Really?
I digress …
The movie …
In a way, Barry did me a favor because this movie would have had my children packing their bags for a quaint little village called Saint-Antonin-Noble-Val in France later that very evening. Every movie we see in a destination far away from Boca has them wishing that is where they would call home … and this movie, the cinematography … it calls for no less than an uprooting. Huge kudos to Oprah Winfrey and Steven Spielberg for a delightful 2 hour escape!

There is no one more fabulous than Helen Mirren. Apparently, all her life she wanted to be a French actress because she found English roles to be a little dull and in this role you believe that she grew up walking the Champs-Elysees each and every day of her life.
And the glam …
Just look at this photo of her at the premiere.

 Photo credit - Dreamworks

Photo credit – Dreamworks

The incredible cast shares a tale of hope, coming together and of what it means to be family. In spite of not being the main characters in the movie, both the brother and the sister keep you most entertained .. and the dad, well … LOVE him. Just rewatching the trailer all of five minutes ago, in order to share it here with you … makes my heart smile, my mouth water, and my soul yearn for a place that is coming home in a way that this movie tells its story. The tagline is ‘every bite takes you home’ … and reminds me of moments like the first bite of fresh melon in Summer that brings back memories of my childhood. How the smell of vanilla in the air can make me think of a first birthday party for a now 16-year-old, and her delight in the introduction to frosting. Fresh pastry or the sweet cloying smell of cinnamon steps me back in time to chopping apples side by side with my Mom when I was just four, baking my first apple pies. Tastes and texture, aroma and fragrances … food is in your soul and our senses remember the time and the place like a picture postcard tucked away, preserved in our hearts. To quote the movie … food is memories.

A wonderful family movie … enjoy … and be sure to eat before watching.
Hugs and kisses always.

Nicole Morgan
Nicole Morgan

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