On Blood Moons, Divorce, and Ultimate Happiness



“Blood moon is rising tonight!”

Some say the blood moon means that “world-shaking events” will take place and start to fulfill the End Times prophecy. So you can imagine my frame of mind when that message came across my phone from a close friend.

“That doesn’t sound good,” I replied.

While several other tetrad blood moons have occurred in the past, this particular one falls on significant dates for Jewish people, she explained. The last time this particular blood moon happened was during the week leading up to the crucifixion of Jesus.

“Wow. And I just filed my divorce forms. What do you think that means?!”

Just an hour before this text message exchange, I had been at the courthouse finalizing my divorce. I had been set on the fast track to divorce through a series of events over which I did not seem to have any control. But this blue moon stuff sent me researching for more info. The blood moon occurs when the Earth spins between the sun and the moon. A red sheen is cast upon the moon when the shadow of the Earth catches the refracted sunlight during this lunar eclipse.

Some say there is a divine connection to the occurrence of the blood moon. The first of a series of four blood moons, known as the tetrad, happened on April 15. Tax day. A day when my family is typically celebrating our reunification with my CPA husband.

People react to the idea of impending doom in different ways. Some run from the situation, while others attempt to face it head-on. Some predict the end of the world, while others appreciate the rare opportunity. Some say they are sorry, while others congratulate.

“Well, there must be a correlation between the two. An ending to the pain and unhappiness, and the beginning of something really great that’s about to happen in your life!”

Was I completely blind-sided by the situation I find myself in? Not really. There aren’t a whole lot of surprises left after spending nearly 20 years of your life – more than half my life – with the same person. But it takes two people and a mutual understanding of what constitutes love and commitment to make a marriage work for the long haul.

For every extreme down, there has been an extreme up. I am achieving major life goals. Coincidently – or maybe not so coincidently – I have done a great amount of research on gratitude and happiness this past year and have worked on finding what a meaningful life translates for me.

It’s scary as hell, but I’m smart enough to know that while my world is shaking a bit, it is not actually ending. The next blood moon in the tetrad will happen on the 20th anniversary of the first date with my husband. I could assume impending doom, but instead, I choose it as a sign of something new and amazing to come.

A new life is just beginning. One in which I can put myself first. Where I can continue to focus on raising my beautiful boys and keep sauntering on my path to ultimate happiness.

I just might get a glimpse of the striking blood moon itself along the way.

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Jennifer Iacovelli
Jennifer Iacovelli

Jennifer Iacovelli is an author, blogger and the director of development for Tedford Housing. Based in Brunswick, Maine, she’s a proud single mom of two boys and one Siberian husky