Before you judge

Tonight as I was taking my daughter to her driver’s training class I noticed a woman walking on the sidewalk. Actually, I noticed her ear muffs. Cute. Fluffy. Red. She was grey haired. Tight mouthed. Determined. I pointed out to Tahlia her cute ear muffs. We remarked that she didn’t look happy. Then, we both noticed her shoes. Running shoes. Huge. Way too big for her feet. We wondered. Are her feet really that large? They can’t be. My wild imagination began to spin. What if? What if they are her husband’s shoes? He passed away some time ago. It makes her feel like she’s a part of him. What if she just needed to get out and doesn’t drive. His shoes are all she has. What if, as she’s walking, she’s thinking of him. She’s not unhappy. Just lost in her thoughts. What if? What if?

The truth is. We judge. We all do it. Even those of us who say we don’t…we do. It’s our human nature. So what if we reminded ourselves that we don’t know their story. We don’t know why she’s mean. We don’t know why he’s shy. We don’t know why his clothes don’t fit. We don’t know why her shoes are way too big for her feet. What if we just take a moment to remind ourselves…we just don’t know. I’d like to think that elderly woman loves wearing her husband’s shoes. I’d like to think it makes her happy to be connected to him. I’d like to think it’s her way of going for a walk on a cold blustery day…with him. Everyone is walking in their own too big shoes. We all have our personal private stories. Remember that. Before you laugh. Before you criticize. Before you judge. Because truly…I’ll never know her story, or her secrets, her life. And neither will you. Just love them anyway.
And we love Lisa Lehmann, and her incredible talents. She is beautiful, both inside and out and we tend to covet her gorgeous jewelry, and her fabulous hair. We would love for you to peruse her wares, take a look at her page … make a wish list of her beautiful pieces and then plan a gift giving list for those you love.
Lisa Lehmann
Lisa Lehmann

mom, artist, photographer, head in the clouds dreamer, lover of pens and chocolate, believer of keeping things real, dog lover - but omgawsh, the hair ...