How to declutter

Ready to really get organized? Great! But you’re not ready to label those storage bins yet, or however you envision your space looking organized. Your first step has to be – DECLUTTER. Many people, even those who are aware of this fact, never get beyond this sticking point when they are trying to get organized by themselves. 

So, how do you start to declutter? What are the steps you need to do to declutter and organize?

Well, good news for you is that I can answer that! Let’s get started!

1. Pick one room or one space to work on. Do not move around trying to organize more than one room at a time because you will get overwhelmed and not get very much accomplished.

2. Starting with this one space, begin to sort everything out into categories. In other words, begin to group things together; stationary in one pile, shoes in another pile, papers in another, and so on.

Do not do anything else until you have finished this step. Sometimes this can take days, especially if the room is super cluttered.

3. Once all the sorting is done (and I mean ALL the sorting), you can start to decide what you want to donate, keep, or trash. Deciding is the hard part, so to help you out, I suggest you use the Value Questions below when making decisions.

Remember that the whole point of decluttering is to reduce the amount of stuff, so be very honest with yourself about you do and do not need!

Questions for decluttering

I am not going to tell you how to organize in this post because that is the next step AFTER you have decluttered, purged, and made decisions about what goes and what stays.

While you are making decisions about stuff keep using the Value Questions to determine how valuable something is in your life. If it’s not loved or needed, it pretty much should go away. Sound callous? Maybe, but in order create change in your home, you must get rid of stuff.

Declutter a space until what is left is everything you have decided is either loved, needed, or adds value to your life. Clients will often ask me if there is a “maybe pile” and I always say, NO! It’s either yes or no. Keep or get rid of. No gray area. No maybes.

3. The final step in decluttering is to have donations picked up or taken away and trash hauled out of the space. When this is done, you can finally start making plans to organize!

closet after organizing

Amy Volk
Amy Volk

Amy Volk is a former registered nurse & Naval Officer turned writer, businesswoman and mom. She shares inspiration each week with Faith Friday, and she likes shoes. A lot.