Big Hero 6 and fashionable heroes

Turns out that life is all about how you look at it, if it is not working then try looking at it from a new angle … and that people, is a good message. And from where do these pearls of wisdom come?

We were fortunate to be invited to a special screening of Big Hero 6 and I prepared myself to be in tears, because HELLO Disney and the usual killing off of a parent or sometimes parents within the first few minutes. Turns out, I was spared the anguish since they were already living with this amazing quirky aunt above her fab little store but not before I had already cried over the prequel to the movie called Feast. This is a short directed by none other than Patrick Osborne who was Head of Animation for the much loved Paperman. Feast features the view of a man’s love life through the eyes of his best friend, his dog Winston. Animals, love, loss = tears. Great start to my morning which had also turned out to be too early for popcorn said the theater – sacrilege.

But back to the main event and let me tell you, the animation in Big Hero 6 will simply blow you away, and they had a total of 103 animators work on the movie. I came across this in one of the press files and had to share;

670’S A CROWD – Walt Disney Animation Studios’ proprietary system Denizen allowed
filmmakers to create bigger, more believable crowds for “Big Hero 6.” created around 670 unique characters, compared to 270 in “Frozen,” 185 in “Wreck-It Ralph” and 80 in

Each of the 670 characters has up to 32 different clothing look combinations, plus 32 different hair and skin tones. That means, filmmakers could invite 686,080 unique characters to the San Fransokyo party before there were any exact repeats.
Denizen was made available to everyone at Walt Disney Animation Studios and employees were encouraged to model themselves in the system to join the crowd. More than 200 characters were created, and employees will see themselves up on the big screen—walking among the “Big Hero 6.”

COUNT ON IT — The “Port of San Fransokyo” scene has over 6000 people in it.
23 districts were built in 3D.
83,149 lots of the 150,000 in all of San Francisco were built.
18.8 million building parts.
215,000 streetlights.
260,000 trees.

The attention to detail was phenomenal, and the city of San Fransokyo with its amazing count of nearly 700 unique characters has shifted the boundaries of animation. As the title implies, we have six heroes, first up is our main character, 14 yr old Hiro, graduated high school at only 13 but taking to the streets as a botfighting hustler. His relationship with Baymax, our second hero, will bring tears to your eyes, yes, more tears and is embodied in this line that I read; He’s a son, a brother, and eventually a father. So Baymax is family.’ I wanted to bring Baymax home with us …

Girls can do anything boys can do, and they can be superheroes too. We have two fun characters in Honey Lemon, a brilliant chemistry whiz who rocks some awesome fashion and GoGo Tamago, a daredevil adrenaline junkie who is at her best on wheels. There is the sweet Wasabi, all brawn and heart with his precision plasma blade weaponry and just a touch of reason – and then we have Dude. Actually, his name is Fred not Dude, but his laid-back surfer dude persona is a whole load of fun and will make you LOL more times than you can count.

Take a look … and see the awesomeness.
Also, this movie is out on the big screen today. Yes, today.
You are welcome.

They take on the bad guy, they plot, they regroup, they do amazing things and they save the world … of course they do, they are Big Hero 6!
And btw, in a house of girls like we have over here, it should come as no surprise that the words of GoGo Tamago are ones that will be most used going forward … and what could they be you ask?
‘Stop whining. Woman up’
Love it.


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