Entrepreneur: Stacey Ferguson (Q&A)

A Q&A with Stacey Ferguson

Stacey Ferguson aka Justice Fergie is synonymous with the term Girl Boss. Attending a BeBlogalicious conference, opened my eyes to a movement of powerful women running businesses, touting products and changing the world – Stacey, leads by example. The Sisters Hood have compiled a Q&A for Stacey that will not incorporate religion, politics or sex – unless she has a burning need to share!

You started out being a lawyer, you know we have a Divorce page here, and someone shared a meme with, ‘What do you call a 100 lawyers at the bottom of the ocean – a good start.’ Yes, lawyers have a bad rap – why didn’t you want to lawyer anymore?  What was the turning point for you to say – I am starting a website?

It was a perfect storm of things that made me leave the law. First and foremost, the nanny that we had for our 3 kids was moving away and I couldn’t bear the thought of trying to find and hire someone new — she was that awesome. Secondly, I had been blogging for 6 years, and running my side-business (Blogalicious) for 4 years, and I realized that those things were more interesting to me than my 9-to-5. Once I realized that I was giving my all to my day job, I knew it was time.

Starting out, what was your vision that evolved into building a space is so empowering to women?

The vision was to create a community for bloggers of color. It’s so exciting to see how it has evolved into an annual conference, pop up events, a marketing network, an online academy and more, celebrating diversity in social media and giving a platform for multicultural influencers to grow their businesses and connect with brands.

Could you share some of your favorite moments, when you knew you were right where you were meant to be.

The one that stands out always is the very first morning of the very first Blogalicious conference; looking out at the audience and welcoming the room of beautiful, colorful women to the event that was for them, by them, was beyond amazing.

How do you find working with brands has changed in recent years? 

Oh my – working with brands has changed SO much in recent years, for better and for worse. The opportunities seem fewer and farther between now, but also the ones that are available do seem to pay more. Brands now understand that being an influencer is a “valid” profession, but with that comes a whole new slew of expectations for ROI and more. One great thing is the increased opportunities for influencers of color to partner with brands on authentic campaigns – that has been fulfilling to watch.

Bloggers became influencers – and the voice of blogging shifted, what do you miss?

I miss the days when people were just telling their stories on their blogs – myself included. I really do. No brands, no Instagram, no media kits…those were the days!

What advice would you give #thesistershood when it comes to self promotion, and sharing their stories online to be a virtual shoulder?

The most powerful asset that you have is your story. It can quite literally change lives. Keep telling your stories because, while you might think it’s self-promotion, it’s actually encouraging others with inspiration. Like I always tell my coaching clients: you have a gift, it’s your responsibility to share it with the world.

In a world that needs so much, what are you most passionate about?

I’m most passionate about everyone, specifically women, tapping into their unique gift and sharing them with the world. We all have so much to give, but fear holds us back.

Tell us about how you choose to advocate – and how do you motivate your kids to be involved?

Not surprisingly, I advocate with my voice. The Internet gets a bad rap, but it is an incredibly powerful tool. I motivate my kids to be involved by participating in the events that are happening more and more these days: rallies, protests, walkouts – being able to see, touch, hear and feel social action is priceless.

You are a valued keynote and have a huge voice, what do you most enjoy sharing to inspire your community?

I most enjoy sharing my authentic story. I had no idea what I was doing (still don’t!) and yet, by following my intuition, taking risks, surrounding myself with great people, I’m able to walk in my purpose. I love inspiring others to do that too.

Which brings us to your significant other.  Share a little of your love story, why is he the man for you?

Aw he is the man for me because he is truly my best friend. We argue and have differing opinions on (most!) things, but we balance each other out and he keeps me laughing until my sides hurt. He is smart and strong and he takes care of us. He’s also cute 😉 We’ll celebrate 15 years of marriage this year!

What is the most romantic thing he has ever done for you?

While I was still in law school, he surprised me with a trip to South Beach in Miami that he had planned all on his own. Luxury everything. We had the best time. It’s still one of my most favorite memories.

So tell us – if you had to pick one color to wear every day – what would it be?

Ooooo this is so hard! Once I left the law, I vowed to always wear the bright colors that I couldn’t before. I’m going with yellow.

You have three seconds to pick a karaoke song – now GO!

Madonna, Like a Prayer.

Coffee or tea?

Tea! (I’m Canadian and Caribbean)

Sleep or sex?

Sleep, lol

And then because everyone in #thesistershood has to share this – what is your favorite quote?  And why.

inveniam viam (I shall either find a way or make one).

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