Philanthropist: Ilina Ewen (Q&A)

A Q&A with Ilina Ewen

Ilina Ewen is not only an inspiration, an advocate, and a world changer, but she is also a dear friend with whom I have been blessed to share fun filled exploits, copious glasses of wine, and some sassy repertoire. Welcome!

Who have you looked up to as a mentor or a role model in your life? They can be familial, historical or fictional.

Since I was a teenager I have adored Audrey Hepburn. She’s so much more than the iconic pixie haircut and glamorous waif of Hollywood. She’s a child of the resistance and always put motherhood first. Additionally, she devoted her life to giving back and lent her voice to advocate for children and global health issues. I like to think I channel a bit of Audrey through my own advocacy work with the United Nations Shot@Life program. And yes, I also sport that pixie haircut.

What is the closest thing to real magic?

Well, I have a son who is really into magic and is quite talented. I could make money off his card tricks if I brought him to the local happy hour scene. Actually, watching my sons grow and seeing glimpses of the men they will become coupled with the quirks and mannerisms of their childhood is pretty damn magical.

Who would you be if you could be any Sesame Street character?

I took an online quiz that says I’m the Count. I joke that I’m the only Indian I know who’s bad at math so this can’t possibly be true.

Coffee or chocolate?

Coffee, all day long. There’s nothing better than the smell of strong, black coffee.

Heels or flats?

If heels and flats had a baby, that’s what I would wear. I do love a kitten heel, but anything higher than two inches would land me on the ground. Grace is not one of my virtues.

Mini van or SUV?

SUV all day long. I don’t want to drive around in a living room. I also don’t want a car large enough to be the one stuck hauling all the neighborhood kids around.

Vanilla or chocolate?

Vanilla, because it’s reliable. Chocolate is too often dark chocolate, which makes my tastebuds revolt.

Cake or cookies?

Pie, actually. Doughy crust with the promise of a dollop of ice cream. But not cherry pie. Cherries are one of five foods I won’t eat.

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Nicole Morgan

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