Going Grey and Lessons I Learned

white-hair-houseTo let your hair go grey or not to let your hair go grey. That seems to be the question bantered about among both men and women alike.  I personally have battled grey hair for years and I reached that point where the hair in front of my face was just too platinum to fight anymore. But I wasn’t sure what to do. So I got to learn from one of the best how the “going grey” process works. I was asked to participate in shooting a video about letting your hair go grey.

To do that, I had a chance to work with Katy at Cristophe Salon in Washington, DC to get rid of the dye line I had grown after I stopped dying my hair for three months.

Katy used highlights and lowlights based on my roots to get rid of the line and teach me how to take better care of my hair. It’s all about the texture, my friends.

Once that process was complete, I learned a few things about this transition:

1. Everyone wants to talk about going grey. And not just women. Men and women of all ages want to talk about this process. Before getting my new look, I’ve had very little reason to focus on my hair. I have kept everything very easy since I have other things I’d rather focus on. But with the new hair, I’m working on treating it better. I tend to style it after a wash. I also tend to fall into conversations about it all the time.

gray-hair-friends2. There’s a camaraderie with other women who took the gray plunge. I bumped into a new friend, Margit, after I spoke at an event during SXSW and I had to talk to her. Her hair is fabulous and kind of mirrors mine. There’s a bit of a smile and a nod in the grey hair world. It’s very interesting.

3. So many women tell me they’re too afraid to do what I’m doing. Some say they won’t look young, so they won’t make the change. Others say it will just be too much work. Others say they just don’t want to do it yet. But really, so many other women tell me they want to go grey but they worry how it will affect them culturally at work and on a daily basis.

4. Eyebrows are really a big deal. I’m not kidding. Keeping watch on my eyebrows and the colors appear to really make a difference with my lighter hair color. I’m going to keep focusing on caring for my brows. (See, I really have started caring a little more about myself since this experience.)

What kind of questions or thoughts do you have? I’ve had fun so far and I haven’t had to do a thing about my hair color. Knowing I don’t have to battle the grey but work with it can really be a relief.

Jen Lee Reeves
Jen Lee Reeves

Jen is a non-profit founder and social media strategist/trainer. She is the mom of two and the wife of one. She lives on a lake, is writing a book, and travels often.