The Big Picture

My dear friend Ilene said I could share this today …


I had the coolest experience on Sunday.

I had taken our dog Lucy for a walk, using the 9th street walkway that crosses over the Davis Canal to get to the beach. I love bridges. They’re magical and metaphorical and this one happens to lead to the ocean while giving you a breathtaking view of sunrise and sunset and wildlife underneath the big sky overlooking Oak Island.

As soon as we stepped onto the beach, I spotted a dolphin swimming very close to shore, heading toward the Ocean Crest Pier at 14th street. She was breathtaking, large and shiny and powerful, disappearing for seconds at a time underneath the water in between strokes. I pulled out my phone and began to chase after her, hoping to capture her in a photo during her ascent.

I must have snapped 50 photos while trying to catch this moment, but I wasn’t able to coordinate her movement with the click of my camera.

Once home, I double checked the photos while away from the glare of daylight to see if there was a dolphin shot in there that I had missed. I went through the pictures one at a time and deleted them off my phone once I was certain there was no trace of this beautiful creature in my photo gallery.

I was about to delete the last two or three photos when I noticed something. The cloud formation in the sky in the photos I had just taken presented itself in a way that the sun appeared to be shaped like a heart.

There it was, this big, gorgeous heart shaped sun, shining down on Oak Island, shining down over all of us.

As I gawked at the photo (and I’ll let you be the decider of your own metaphor of the heart shaped sun), I realized that I hadn’t noticed the sun when I was on the beach, because I had been too busy chasing the dolphin. I almost missed it entirely while reviewing the photos, because I was still too busy chasing the dolphin. It made me wonder how many moments of pure magic we miss every day because we’re so hyper-focused on something else. There’s no judgment in that statement. It’s just a thought to ponder. In the meantime, I wish you a week where you enjoy the big picture.

Nicole Morgan
Nicole Morgan

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