Apple, cinnamon, oatmeal & an Instapot

Nothing beats a one-pot breakfast meal.
A. because well, one pot.
B. because less washing up
C. because a kid can do it, and you can check Facebook while they make breakfast.
D. because is our role not to teach our kids to be self-sufficient in the future?
Just saying.

One of our family’s favorite breakfasts is this very simple Apple Cinnamon Rolled Oats. My kids love it, it is super healthy, and it is also unbelievably simple to make. I simply throw all of the ingredients into our Instant Pot, push a button, and walk away! I have even set the timer the night before, so it’s ready when we get up. Just color me super efficient.

Are you ready for the ingredients? There are only 5!

Instant Pot Oatmeal, healthy breakfast, here we go … and you will thank me.


Cinnamon sprinkle to taste
One Apple cored and chopped
2 cups Rolled Oats
4 cups water

It doesn’t get more simple than that.
Unless, you are in a booth, in a diner.
I will give you that.

For extra fiber and Omega’s, I add a serving of Barlean’s Forti-Flax. My kids don’t notice it, and it doesn’t change the flavor at all.

Push the button for rice, and it takes about 20 minutes. Amazing. No added sugar (but it is plenty sweet with the apple), and my kids LOVE it.

Instant pot oatmeal is most definitely a healthy breakfast.
And whose been eating my porridge? Pretty much everyone.

Note: if you use Steel Cut Oats increase the water to 5 cups and push the multigrain button for 20 minutes.

Christy Emanuel
Christy Emanuel

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