Disney Review – Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day

Sometimes movies teach us a little perspective. They may be fun, a little slapstick or the humor is somewhat over the top to get the point across, but deep down the message is there for us. Underneath the fun and the laughter, the jokes and even the ridiculous is the little voice that manages to be heard with a – ‘Hey, this is important, this is what matters … protect your family, stand up for them – be there for them through whatever it takes.’

And what makes for this little meander down melancholy road this morning?
A preview of the new Disney family movie ‘Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day’ coming to a theater near you this week. And with so many great shots and clips, I am not even sure what I should share with you! It is true, I have a girl crush on the gorgeous Jennifer Garner, and wrote about her 2012 blockbuster right here – The Odd Life of Timothy Green and I cried buckets I might tell you … and omgoodness did you see her awesome interview on The Ellen Show this week? If not, look it up now, or later. Teamed up with the fabulous Steve Carell, who as parents are very likable, real and down to earth with this parenting gig, and have you rooting for them all of the way through the movie. This is the kind of family movie parents have been waiting for – a family movie that keeps it real with a bevy of talented young actors and actresses. If there is one thing that strikes you throughout, is that never for one moment do you doubt that they are a family. They just fit with no rough edges, going about family life with its ups and downs and all that life throws their way – pretty much like, well life!

The Perfect Family Shot
Photo credit – Disney


Family in all its imperfection.
Photo credit – Disney

Just in case you happen to be unfamiliar, let me get you up to speed;

Disney’s “Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day” follows the exploits of 11-year-old Alexander (Ed Oxenbould) as he experiences the most terrible and horrible day of his young life—a day that begins with gum stuck in his hair, followed by one calamity after another. But when Alexander tells his upbeat family about the misadventures of his disastrous day, he finds little sympathy and begins to wonder if bad things only happen to him. He soon learns that he’s not alone when his mom (Jennifer Garner), dad (Steve Carell), brother (Dylan Minnette) and sister (Kerris Dorsey) all find themselves living through their own terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day. Anyone who says there is no such thing as a bad day just hasn’t had one. “Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day,” directed by Independent Spirit Award-winner Miguel Arteta (“The Good Girl,” “Cedar Rapids,” “Youth in Revolt”) from a screenplay by Rob Lieber, is a 21 Laps Entertainment/Jim Henson Company production.

The book has been around since 1972, when Judith Fiorst wrote it using the names of her own three boys. It has become a popular expression when it comes to noting a bad day and has been a beloved part of growing up the world over. This movie adaption is perfect and not surprising that it was just awarded ‘a seal of approval.’

Common Sense Media, the nation’s leading nonprofit organization dedicated to helping kids thrive in a world of media and technology, today announced the Common Sense Seal, the first honor of its kind to recognize and champion films that delight families with enriching stories and to encourage studios to make more excellent family content that appeals across generations. “We don’t see enough great movies with positive role models and messages that make parents feel like a trip to the movies is time well spent together — and we think families deserve better,” said Jim Steyer, founder and CEO of Common Sense. “The Common Sense Seal will recognize the best in family movies with a goal of inspiring studios to create more films that kids and parents can enjoy together. It’s fitting that a Disney movie should be our first recipient, given the studio’s commitment to making quality family films like Alexander.”

Now the last Disney movie I saw ahead of the game, had me wanting to move to France and talk like Helen Mirren, and as it turns out with all the talk of Australia in the movie, the young actor playing Alexander, Ed Oxenbould happens to be an Aussie! And talking about Australia, if you could just excuse me, I am Googling real Australian Cowboy Dancers …  aka Thunder from Down Under – and changing my name to Sheila.


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