Better Than False Eyelashes

Face it. We’re all a little vain. We like to think we have a statement feature. Mine was my eyes. Sadly, now it’s hard to focus on anything except the crinkles, bags and skimpy lashes that frame those windows to the soul. As if that alone were not enough, add to that a daughter with long, lush lashes to remind you of what used to be yours.

I’m not one to want to spend tons of money on the current trend of eyelash extensions so I have been trying alternate solutions to find something that might bring back the old lashes I once had, the ones I used to bat my baby blues as they say.

Drugstores touted inexpensive versions of Latisse, which requires a prescription and has the potential to turn blue eyes brown. But the testimonials for one of the over the counter lash magic seemed authentic, so I bought it and religiously applied it in the morning and at night according to the instructions. I thought I saw a difference, but not enough to have anyone notice.

I then stumbled onto the Too-Faced mascara with it’s “better than false lashes” nylon lash extension system. There’s no way I could ever master false eyelashes so I decided to give it a whirl. It was easy enough to do. You put a base coat of mascara on followed by a coat of the nylon extension, followed by a final coat of mascara. Tada! Longer eyelashes in minutes! It actually worked as stated. And the fibers didn’t bother my contact lenses. The only thing you have to deal with is taking it off. You have to use eye makeup remover. To prove my point, I took before and after photos. Even a neighbor commented, “What did you do to your eyes? Your eye make up looks amazing.”

Of course, since then, we have all been converted to Rodan and Fields Lash Boost – and we have never looked back – or better.  Forget glue, or powders, or messy applications – a simple swipe across your eyelid going to bed does the trick. And guess what, we have also discovered that a swish across your eyebrow does wonders for any thinning you may have encountered.  Yes, we totally endorse this product – let us know if it works for YOU.

Holly Pavlika
Holly Pavlika

Mom, advocate, philanthropist, entrepreneur and writer.